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Moving home is a complex, expensive and stressfull activity. Set out below is a ticklist of things that need to be considered when moving home. Some of the items may not apply - for instance you may not have a home to sell, or you may wish to do the conveyancing yourself. If you would like to keep all your important details together and customise this checklist to your particular situation, just fill in an email address and choose a password below.

You have just been registered

Decide why you want to move homeClick the link for more information
Research the steps involved in moving home
Research the properties availableRemember: you aren't buying at this stage
Put your current home on the market Market price
Mortgage left
Appoint a solicitor Solicitor's name
Contact details
Arrange a mortgage Mortgage co.
Max amount
Total up your available money Available cash
Work out your budget Budget
Start looking for your ideal home in earnest Location
Accept an offer on your current home Offer accepted
Decide on your new home Address/Ref.
Appoint a surveyor Surveyor's name
Contact details
Make an offer on your chosen property Amount offered
Have it surveyed, with a copy going to your lender
Renegotiate the offer as a result of any unexpected survey report items Revised offer
Agree dates for exchange and completion with your buyer and your seller Exchange date
Completion date
Arrange a removal firm or van hire Firm used
Contact Details
Arrange for the new house to be prepared
Tell the world you are moving
Pack up the house
Pack an overnight bag with bed linen, tea/coffee etc
Using packers
Check the house one last time
Pick up the new keys Collection point
Drop off the old keys Collection point
Unpack all those boxes Using packers
Relax Housewarming party date

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